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Tax Resolution & Audit

Got tax problems? When you receive that dreaded letter from the IRS asking you to provide proof, it is up to you as the taxpayer to come up with sufficient evidence to justify the numbers on your tax return. This can be stressful if you don’t know exactly what the IRS will accept. With years of experience in taxes, I can help you put your case together and come up with anything you may be missing in your paperwork.

You have a right to representation in front of the IRS. Use this privilege and hire someone with extensive tax knowledge that you can rely on to back you up. Enrolled Agents are federally authorized tax practitioners who are authorized under Federal law to practice before the IRS and to offer specialized tax advice and counsel for taxpayers. For more information about Enrolled Agents click here.

Tax resolution services include:

  • IRS income return audit

  • Back tax return filing

  • Offer in compromise

  • State income return audit

  • Innocent spouse relief

  • Payment plans

  • Tax lien

  • Levies

  • Sales tax return audit representation

  • Payroll return audit representation


Take care of your problems before they get bigger. The IRS might let you get away with avoiding letters for a little while, but they are applying more interest and penalties while you think they are leaving you alone. Contact me today to avoid any more tax problems.